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Submitting your term cases through DW EZ app consists of a few simple steps.

  1. Determine the need of the client
    Using the needs analysis on the front page of the DW EZ app website will assist you and your client on determining their life insurance needs.
  2. Determine the client’s risk class
    The XRAE Health Underwriting button makes it easy for you to get a rough idea of the underwriting class your client might receive.
  3. Run the term quote 
    Our term illustrator produces quotes for the face amount and desired risk class for your client.
  4. Click on the “Drop Ticket” button to start the application. 
    This step will take you to the initial phase that starts the application process. Enter the basic information for the specialists in our client care center so they may call your client to complete the Part 1 and set up the paramedical exam.

    LIFE – EZ Does It! 

Your client’s application will now be processed quickly and efficiently – without time consuming steps on your part.

Helpful Tips

Make sure to have the following information for completing the Drop Ticket:

  • Client’s contact information- phone, email address and preferred time for application interview by carrier
  • Existing Policy Carrier and Number if this is a replacement
  • Beneficiary’s Name  (minors cannot be beneficiaries)
  • Carrier Appointment-  will begin upon submission of the application
  • Agent Code- Leave as pending if not currently appointed with carrier
  • Agency- BGA is Dixon Wells